Why Foam Cushions are Essential for the Office

Foam cushioning has become a mainstay in homes for its mix of durability and comfort. Its malleable nature makes it ideal for mattress foam in beds or foam cushions in couches and sofas. Many people prefer foam to spring mattresses or feather cushions because foam changes its shape to fit anyone’s body type, mitigating painful pressure points. Foam made from special materials has also been used for outdoor furniture cushions. Outdoor foam is usually engineered to resist moisture and microorganisms, which are common problems outdoor furniture cushions face.

Despite its many uses in the home, foam’s usefulness is not limited to domestic settings. Foam cushions are also useful in office settings because of the many hours employees spend sitting. Most office workers spend hours at a time sitting at their desks while working on their computers. This can be detrimental for several reasons.

First, the human body was designed to be active while working. Sitting for long periods of time is actually an unnatural position for the human body that can cause long-term health issues. Health experts have determined that sitting exerts unhealthy pressure on your midsection, tailbone, and hips, resulting in aches, pains, and stiffness. This pressure can also hinder your digestion, resulting in an increased risk of digestive issues such as heartburn and constipation. Furthermore, it can hinder your circulation, which means a higher risk of heart disease. According to a study published by Harvard University, people who sat for 10 or more hours a day were at higher risk for a heart attack or stroke than people who sat for five or fewer hours every day.

This is why it is important to have a foam cushion if you have to sit for long hours at the office. Using a foam cushion can mitigate some of the unhealthy pressure exerted on your body by distributing your weight across your chair more evenly. A foam cushion can also eliminate the distraction of aches and pains, allowing you to focus more intently on your projects for the day. It is also advisable to take multiple standing breaks per day to help your body recover from prolonged sitting.

If you need a foam cushion for your office chair, be sure to contact The Foam Factory today. They provide customizable cushions that can fit the size and shape of any chair.