Replacing A Chair Cushion In An Outdoor Space? DIY Tips

If left outside, your patio chair cushion can wear out quickly. But it’s not that difficult to replace them. You may be able to simply unzip the cushion, remove the foam rubber, and replace it in some circumstances. The Foam Factory, for example, can cut any type of foam rubber to any size you need.

There are several types of foam rubber available at the Foam Factory. You can get a memory foam, traditional foam, latex foam and convoluted foam. Because the prices are so low, you can afford to test a variety of foam rubber to see which one you prefer.

If you need new cushion covers, consider this DIY task and try your hand at doing it yourself. Measure the cushions, then select the type of foam. Shop for durable fabrics to recover your cushions. You can also revamp the furniture frames by giving them a fresh coat of paint. They do have paint now for outdoor usage.

Allow plenty of time for the paint to dry. Over the paint, you could want to apply multiple layers of clear varnish. This will shield the finish from the elements. These varnish coats will also need to cure completely.

If you’ve invested quite a bit of money into these new chair cushion ideas, then consider buying or making cushion covers to protect them.

The Foam Factory has a number of different types of foam rubber. You can choose memory foam, conventional or from any type of mattress topper. With prices so low, you can get the best quality foam rubber for your DIY project.