Protecting a business’s online reputation

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Reputation management has become a popular aspect of business as it helps to build an instant impression in a customer’s mind. This impression can influence purchasing decisions as well as inspire customers to identify with a brand.

Building a healthy business reputation can involve some of the following approaches.

Focus – listening to customers can help to steer products, services, features, and standards in the right direction, while industry and competitor developments will help a business to identify other areas of development.

Monitor your reputation – Monitoring a business’s reputation will help the business handle setbacks while improving its image. Companies use reputation management services or PR services to manage their reputation and general applications such as Google Alerts, social media mentions, and other review websites like, trip advisor, and Yelp.

Be true and honest – Corporate jargon will not help to strengthen customer relationships. Instead, opt to speak in a language that reaches out to the business’s target market. React appropriately to negative feedback and always make sure the customer is happy after a problem has been rectified.

Quality content – The content that is posted should interest the customer and not be always self-promotional. Self-promotional content can put off customers while making the business seem dishonest.

Interact – Interact with customers to build a strong relationship, by responding to social media comments and questions as soon as possible.

Build a social profile – Social media is a great way to build a reputation strategically. Content posted should interest the business’s target market to create real connections with the product, service, and brand.

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