How to improve your smile

Article written by Elite Dental Group.

A healthy white smile will get a person noticed and help them make stronger connections at school, work and in social situations. Although achieving a beautiful smile may involve embracing a few good oral habits, the benefits, and compliments that a bright smile will bring will make it worthwhile.

Here are some healthy oral tips to improve your smile:

Floss daily – Flossing will help to remove food and plaque from between teeth and under the gum line. Untreated plaque and tartar can lead to periodontal disease which can result in tooth loss and bone decay.

See a dentist twice a year – Routine dental visits help to promote good oral health and alert dentists to oral conditions.

Quit smoking – Smoking causes staining, tooth and gum damage. A smoker’s teeth will usually recede which can cause large pockets around the teeth. Additionally, gum disease is common in smokers and difficult to cure.

Limit teeth-staining foods – Coffee, tea, and red wine can cause staining. To reduce staining after consuming these drinks, consider drinking from a straw or rinse your mouth with water.

Whitening products – Over-the-counter whitening products can often damage teeth and gums while increasing tooth sensitivity. When considering whitening treatments speak to a dentist who specializes in cosmetic dentistry. Professional whitening treatments are safe, non-invasive, and effectively remove stains.

Invest in a good quality toothbrush – Electric toothbrushes can remove more plaque and promote healthier gums than manual toothbrushes. Invest in a good quality electric toothbrush with soft bristles to whiten and strengthen teeth and gums, while removing bacteria build-up.

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