Protecting a business’s brand reputation

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A resilient brand can be a strength as more businesses operate online. However, building a resilient brand will involve managing a brand’s online presence 24/7, while building brand loyalty.

The following reputation management practices will help to create a brand that can endure critics while gaining loyal customers.

Update the company website – The first place customers will visit is a company’s website. Make sure the landing page, product information plus contact details are up to date. Strong blogs can also tell customers about what the business stands for and what service standards can be expected.

Manage reviews – Showcasing positive reviews is a wonderful way to let happy customers know that they are appreciated. Keeping a close eye on reviews can similarly help to identify negative reviews as soon as they are posted. It is important to address negative feedback quickly as it can help to reduce shares and visibility. Private customer review websites such as, TripAdvisor, Yelp, and BBB are also popular among customers and businesses alike as they offer a convenient location to post and address reviews.

Post relevant content – Posting content that is relevant and interesting can encourage customers to share, increasing a business’s online visibility. The content posted should reflect the interests of the target market and be posted with a specific plan in mind. Always use as many social media and online websites as possible to cover a wider audience.

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