Cavity fillings: What to expect

Article written byElite Dental Group

Filling a cavity is a simple procedure that can be done successfully by most professional dentists. Cavity filling usually take one hour and will involve an X-ray before the procedure. To make a patient feel comfortable a dentist will numb a patient’s teeth, gums, and surrounding skin. The procedure will then involve a drill to remove the decay, which is replaced with a filling. Most patients will feel numbness for a few hours following the procedure.

Most often fillings are used to fill a cavity, but fillings are also used to fix broken or misshapen teeth. Types of fillings vary in terms of cost and aesthetic preferences. The two most used fillings are amalgam and composite fillings.

Amalgam fillings are often used for molars as they offer added strength to an already weak tooth. However, since this type of filling uses different metals it is noticeable when a person opens their mouth. Composite fillings, on the other hand, use a mix of glass or quartz which matches the color of natural teeth. Composite fillings are not as strong as amalgam fillings and therefore are mostly used for small to medium corrections, where moderate chewing is involved.

Additionally, gold or silver amalgam fillings are used if the tooth is very weak and the tooth is used for constant chewing. Such fillings are strong and can last as long as 10-15 years. However, they are expensive and will not match the color of natural teeth.

In some rare cases, a filling can move away from the tooth causing a space that can breed bacteria. If you notice that a filling has come loose, it is best to revisit a dentist to fix the filling in place as delaying can cause further damage and decay.

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