What to Look for in a Toddler Car Seat

When it comes to choosing the right car seat strollers, there are a few things to keep in mind. Choosing the right one for your child’s age and weight is important since so many parents try to get what they can afford which actually can put your child’s safety at risk. With a toddler car seat, your child should be at least a year old or weight at least 40 pounds. Some parents try to put their child in a front facing seat too early and this can only lead to trouble and injury if you are not careful.

Make sure the toddler seat you choose offers an adjustable belt or harness to adjust to their growing needs. You also want something that buckles to the back of the car’s backseat itself. This ensures the seat isn’t going to move around or go anywhere. Doing this keeps your child safe and allows you to keep your child in place. Also, to help eliminate the growth of bacteria, make sure the seat offers padding and covers that can be removed. While your child is a toddler spills are bound to happen, so make sure you can prevent the onset of mold with these removable covers.