Tips on Buying Low-cost Ice Cream Supplies


If you own an ice cream parlor, it’s important to find a supply store for your cups, spoons, and other ice cream supplies. The right supplier is reliable and offers great products. But if you’re on a budget, you will also need to find a supplier that offers low prices. The problem is that finding a reliable supplier with affordable prices is easier said than done. In an effort to reduce overhead costs, many ice cream parlors and frozen yogurt stores go cheap on the supplies. However, discount or cheap supplies can be detrimental to the success of your business.

The good news is that you can find affordable ice cream supplies without scarifying quality. How? Follow these tips on how to snag affordable ice cream supplies without compromising quality.

Find an ice cream supply store. While researching various supply stores, it might be tempting to get your supplies from a general restaurant supply store, but chances are you will be paying a lot more. A general restaurant supply store caters to mainly food establishments, not ice cream parlors, frozen yogurt stores, and gelaterias. For this reason, your supplies might be more difficult to get and/or rare. Instead, find a specialty store such as Gelato Products that focuses on providing supplies for ice cream parlors.

A specialty store will not only offer lower prices on all your essential supplies, but they will also carry a larger selection of everything you need. Another benefit of going with a specialty store is better customer service. An ice cream supply store will know more about your industry and products than a general restaurant supply store, which means they can answer all of your questions and provide you with inside information.

Purchase large quantities. Once you’ve found an ice cream supply store, another way to save money is to buy in bulk. Many supply stores offer deep discounts when you order a certain number or more of an item. The best way to continue saving is to purchase a large quantity in the beginning of each month. Even if you don’t finish all of your coffee cups and lids, you can save the extra items in storage for use during the busier months of the year such as winter.

Pay attention to shipping costs. While many business owners find low-cost supplies online, they fail to watch out for shipping costs. Unfortunately, shipping costs can be expensive, increasing the final bill to more than the company can afford to pay. Instead, find a retailer that offers low-cost shipping on bulk orders. Better yet, you might be able to find a supply store that offers free shipping on all orders. Paying attention to shipping costs will help save money on ice cream parlor supplies without sacrificing quality.