Seagrass furniture: An eco-friendly choice for office furniture

Blog provided by Wicker Paradise

Does your company practice and preach sustainable, eco-friendly practices? A small, practical way to make your workplace more eco-friendly is by using office furniture made from natural, aesthetically pleasing materials. One way you can do this is by adding seagrass furniture to your break room or reception area.

Like wicker and rattan furniture, seagrass furniture is made from natural, plant-based elements that will not be harmful to the environment. Seagrass furniture is almost always free from chemical treatments that make other types of furniture questionable for the environment’s health. Just as wicker and rattan furniture add a warm, tropical atmosphere to a room, seagrass furniture can enrich your office with a cozy, calm ambiance.

This is important, not only for the sake of sustainability but also for your employees’ morale and productivity. Many things can contribute to your employees’ mental state and approach to getting their jobs done. As’s Murray Newlands points out, unappealing office furniture can make employees feel bored and lazy, which results in a decrease in the quality and quantity of their work.

Eye-catching furniture is a worthwhile investment both for your office and the people working there. Wicker Paradise has an excellent collection of seagrass furniture, including chairs, coffee tables, end tables, and dining sets. Your employees will appreciate being able to lounge on attractive, comfortable furniture pieces during their break times and lunch breaks. Browse through Wicker Paradise’s seagrass collection, and don’t forget to check out their indoor and outdoor wicker furniture and their rattan collection as well.