Is Being a Professional Home Stager Worth It?

Summary: A home stager can be a lucrative part-time, and full-time, career that has many perks.

If you believe you have an eye for interior decorating and think you could make it within the industry, home staging could be an option for you. Starting out, it requires little time and money and it can eventually build up to financially support you.

A Brief Look at Home Stagers

Houses that are being put out for sale, but aren’t selling because they’re cluttered or are being written off because of its’ mediocre environment tend to be targets for home stagers.

Home stagers look to increase the appeal of a home and raise the chances of it selling not only in general but for a reasonable price as well. They can achieve this through a variety of methods such as rearranging or removing furniture like replacing old cushions with brand new cushions, increasing spatial awareness, and showing off the best features of the room.

Is it Profitable?

Home stagers can make anywhere from $400 to $5,000 per house project, depending on the specifics of the house itself. Additionally, the larger the scale is that the stager is working with, the higher the number goes in terms of payment.

The Positives

There are numerous pros to being a professional home stager. There are minimal start up costs with no inventory to lug around and few supplies to purchase like furnishings from supplies like The Foam Factory for example. However, there are numerous stagers that build up and inventory of furniture over time that they can use in their home staging career. Remember, when starting a business, you’ll eventually expand over time which does result in overhead cost, but it’s minimal at best.