How to develop your business with a one-person marketing team?

Article provided by Herb Kimble.

Small businesses will have single individuals juggling many roles and responsibilities. With small budgets and a long lists of tasks, small businesses will often hold back on investing in a marketing team and often have one person handling the majority of marketing tasks for the company. Here are a few tips on how to develop a one-person marketing team.

Understand your audience – Understand who you are marketing to and ensure that your campaign and content resonates with your audience. Create a description of your ideal customer to model marketing campaigns.

Buyer personalities – Consider your buyer’s personality and what motivates them, then engineer your content for your buyer.

Keep it simple – Understand that you are one person, and calculate how many hours a day or week you can work on each of your projects. Realistic goals are key to ensure you are motivated and focused on each of your tasks.

Personal networks – Your personal networks are a good place to start. Look at inviting them to like your company page and share your content. Widen your network by creating LinkedIn groups, meetup groups, networking events, to widen your reach.

Listen to your customers – Your customers will readily offer you information about how good your campaigns, content, and products work for them. Encourage your customers for feedback and reward them when their ideas have been taking into consideration.

This article was written by Herb Kimble. Herb Kimble runs a film production company called CineFocus Productions in Los Angeles. He is also working toward the release of a streaming network, called urban Flix. Find out more info about Herb Kimble, on his page.