Eight low-tech business ideas

Article written by Education industry news

You may want to start your own business but have very little technical know-how. Here are some low-tech business ventures that will get you started and make you money.

Cleaning Business – You will need a lot of cleaning supplies and a number of clients from homes to offices. You should gather your clients from word of mouth and via the classified ads.

Flea market vending – You can start off by selling what you own and then venture into buying used items and reselling.

Day Care – If you are running a childcare service from home, you will need to kid proof your home and get some experience working with children.

Lawn mowing – For this venture, you will just need a lawn mower. Start off by informing your neighbors and get the rest of your clients through word of mouth.

Errand service – Busy people often need help with their everyday tasks like grocery shopping, cleaning, and cooking.

Wedding consulting – If you enjoy coordinating and organizing events, this is the job for you. You will have to work with a variety of vendors and the couple to organize their big day.

Wholesale bakeries – If you like baking create your own baked goods and sell them to customers or restaurants.

Dog walking service – For someone who loves animals, this is a great way to spend your day. Just put out some flyers around your community that you offer dog-walking services.