Choose the longest-lasting couch foam material

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

Want to choose the most cost-effective couch cushions? The right type of couch foam is durable, comfortable, and can last for almost two decades. If you don’t want to be frequently replacing your cushions, choose high-quality, high-density foams for the best results.

There are several reasons why you might want to replace your couch or sofa cushions. The most common reason is that your cushions have become old, uncomfortable, and misshapen. Comfort levels may be a bit subjective, but a major source of discomfort is when cushions lose their original shape. No material lasts forever and foam is no exception. However, you can make sure your cushions last as long as possible by looking for the most durable couch filling.

A type of foam’s firmness, or how hard or soft it feels, is not the measure of how durable it is. Super Soft foam is much softer than Poly foam, but it still lasts longer because of its higher density. In contrast to firmness, density measures the amount of mass that is contained in one unit of an object’s volume. This is a better indicator of a material’s strength and how much it is able to endure before changing its shape.

If you prefer cushions with a medium level of firmness, high-quality HD36 foam can last up to 16 years. If you’d rather have cushions that are very firm, high-quality Lux foam can last around 16 years as well. All of the types of foam mentioned in this blog are available for order at The Foam Factory. Contact them today to discuss creating custom foam cushions for your specific needs.