Why you might need outdoor replacement cushions

Blog provided by Wicker Paradise

Anyone who keeps furniture in their backyard outdoor patio might know that nature is often the enemy of outdoor furniture cushions. Insects, rain, mold, and mildew are all elements that can ruin both your cushions and your furniture if it hasn’t been designed to endure the outdoors. Many people resort to buying outdoor furniture pieces made from materials such as synthetic resin, which are resistant to moisture and microorganisms, making them more ideally suited to be stored outdoors. Outdoor wicker furniture is a popular choice for weather-resistant, nature-friendly synthetic furniture.

This same principle applies to getting outdoor replacement cushions. If your furniture cushions aren’t designed for the rough environments of nature, you need to get some new cushions that are better suited for the outdoors. Esteemed furniture companies such as Lloyd Flanders and Lane Venture have made replacement cushions compatible with their furniture pieces, but you can also order custom cut cushions from companies such as Wicker Paradise. After specifying your furniture measurements, they’ll create a cushion from materials that are resistant to water, microorganisms, and the harmful rays of the sun. They’ll also add Scotchgard to make the cushions as durable as they can be.

Whether you need replacement cushions, outdoor furniture for your patio, or indoor furniture for your bedroom and living room, Wicker Paradise has provided high quality, artfully crafted furniture for more than two decades. Browse through their products today to find something that will bring new life to your home.