3 sites of traditional culture to visit in Abu Dhabi

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In recent times, Abu Dhabi has become synonymous with breathtaking glass-windowed skyscrapers, modern architecture, and major hubs of commerce. However, if you look past all the reminders of the modern age, Abu Dhabi has a rich cultural heritage that you can explore the next time you visit. Here are three rich cultural sites you might enjoy.

Heritage Village

The Emirates Heritage Club’s recreation of a historical Abu Dhabi village aims to let visitors see what life was like in Abu Dhabi’s past. There are plenty of artisans ready to share their traditional goods, and you might even get a chance to try making some art of your own.

Al Ain Heritage Theme Park

Similar to the previous attraction, this site also allows visitors to immerse themselves in Abu Dhabi’s past by experiencing it firsthand. Visitors can hear poetry and music and go shopping at the market while surrounded by traditional historical architecture.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Regardless of why you’re visiting Abu Dhabi, this site is a must-see. Its intricate, striking architecture and ornamentation make it an unforgettable sight. You’ll have a chance to observe and learn about traditional Islamic architecture as you take in all of its memorable details. While you’re in Abu Dhabi, be sure you have reliable means of transportation for exploring the country. If you need a car hire Abu Dhabi, be sure to contact Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC for a variety of different vehicles at great prices.