Why do employers do background checks?

Most employers prefer to conduct their background checks as they do not like to solely rely on an applicant’s resume. Employer background checks are considered the final step to ensuring that the employer makes a sound hiring decision.

Job competence – Employers want to hire the most capable applicant for a job and therefore look at background checks as a way to verify a potential hire’s educational qualifications and employment history.

Workplace safety – Employer welfare requests that employers ensure that the people they hire maintain the safety of the workplace for other employees, customers, vendors, and visitors. If an employer does not conduct a proper background check, they are liable for negligent hiring.

Workplace theft – Employers are aware that employees have access to a lot of information, money, and assets of a company. Therefore, to reduce the risk of insider theft, businesses are ensuring that they hire honest, responsible people with a good track record.

Honesty and integrity – The credentials on the resumes of applicants are the reason why employers hire them. Therefore, ensuring that these credentials are accurate, ensures that the applicant is suitable for the position advertised.

Organizational reputations – An organization’s good reputation will help a business grow and attract the right people. Tenant Screening Services, LLC suggests that accurate employee background checks will help employers safeguard their reputations and help create safe, secure workplaces.