The Secret of an Abundant Life

The natural methods of earning more money have worked for centuries. An individual goes out and gets a job. They earn a paycheck with which they can hopefully pay their bills. In this day and age, it is often necessary to get more than one job in order to make ends meet. It is not uncommon for both the husband and wife to work these days. This can cause stress and take the joy out of our lives.

Though some enjoyment does come from earning your own money, when we work all the time, it results in weariness of the heart, soul and body. We don’t get to spend as much time with our families. It can even cause illness or depression when we work too much. Instead, find relaxing hobbies that allow you to be creative. What would you be doing with your life if money were not an object? The answer to that question may surprise you.

How to enjoy your life

The true secret of an abundant life begins with making peace in your own heart about who you are. Though each of us has weaknesses, we also have strengths. We must focus on our positive attributes and build on those. When we focus too much on negative things, we find ourselves feeling sad or depressed. Make a list of all your best qualities, then begin to broaden them. Build outward and make those even greater. Continue to create more value by investing in yourself. You are worth the extra time and effort.

Create Abundance 创造丰盛 is a collection of Teacher Zhang Xinyue’s words of wisdom concerning body-mind-spirit cultivation. Written in simple and easy to understand language, the book Create Abundance  hopes to touch the very soul of the reader. The great spiritualist leader, Teacher Zhang Xinyue, was born and grew up in China. Zhang Xinyue is mostly known for being an internationally renowned body-mind-spirit tutor, a spiritual therapist, and the founder of Abundance Psychology.