How to Begin Your Journey of Meditation

Article by Zhang Xinyue of Create Abundance

With the competitive world of business, it is not surprising that entrepreneurs are looking for a new and better way. Considering the stressful world of business these days, it’s not new. The solution for many is meditation. This is an ancient practice that worked for centuries. But people are just now waking up to the fact that meditation can truly help.

If meditation worked for Buddhist monks in China hundreds of years ago, then it can work today as well. To get a good result, begin with deciding on the type of meditation to do. There are at least twelve different types of meditation. A few of these include:

Thankfulness meditation

Zen meditation

Transcendental meditation


Mantra meditation

Chakra meditation

You do not need to get in the Lotus position to meditate. You can sit quietly in a room. You might enjoy having some calming music and candles in your meditation space. For business owners, you could even create a space at the office and take time out of your schedule each day to meditate. It’s well worth the effort.

Zhang Xinyue has written a book called Create Abundance. In it, she explains how we can all enjoy life better if we learn to let go of our fears and stress and just relax. Below is one quote from her book. There are many others.

“I am grateful to have chosen to grow and transcend my fear about the unknown.”

Zhang Xinyue is author Create Abundance a book about practicing body-mind-spirit cultivation. Create Abundance aims to promote a meaningful and applicable approach to the philosophical issues in life.