Good Hygiene for Kids Wearing Braces

Article submitted By Remarkable Smiles Orthodontics.  

Most parents have a number of questions about dental care for their children who are wearing braces. While some parents are very proactive about dental care, others don’t think you need to worry so much. A child can be in braces for several years. During this time, it’s important to keep appointments with the orthodontist.

Remember these general tips for health teeth for kids

According to most experts, toddlers as young as two or three years old can begin brushing their teeth. The first dental visit should be scheduled by age 5. Though you may not be having any problems at all with your child’s teeth, it will be beneficial to establish a good rapport between your child and the dentist at an early age.

When parents encourage their kids to see a dentist at young ages and talk about going to the dentist in positive terms, it can prevent those fears that crop up later in life surrounding dental visits. Often, researchers find that those who suffer most with fears and phobias about going to the dentist are people who were never taken to a dentist by their parents as children.

Always speak about the orthodontist or dentist in the most positive terms. Try to avoid letting your kids hear you say things like, “Oh no! We must go see the dentist. That looks bad. I’m really dreading this.” This type of language can cause children to conjure up very negative images about what it must be like to visit the dentist.  And these develop into lifelong fears. Always speak in the most positive terms anytime you talk to your child about brushing, flossing or going to a dentist.

Healthy Teeth and Gums Start Early

As soon as your child begins to get teeth, buy an infant toothbrush and gently brush their teeth. Try to make this time as pleasant as possible. And don’t use mouthwash until your child is old enough to know how to rinse and spit.

Develop healthy snacking habits

When your child is wearing braces, it’s important for them to avoid sticky foods. One big culprit with kids is tooth decay. Keep raw carrots in the frig and offer those instead. Cut up small chunks of fresh apple as a snack. This will not only help your kids avoid cavities, but it will also help them maintain a healthy weight throughout childhood.

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