3 Job Ideas for the Retiree

Summary: Life after retirement can be difficult due to financial constraints or simply because one doesn’t want to fully retire. Here are some job prospects that might be appealing if you don’t want to call it quits just yet.

Looking to keep on chugging along after retirement? These 3 industries can provide you with a decent source of income along with an opportunity to showcase your skills.


Bookkeepers tend to handle a wide range of financial records in small businesses. You could be taking care of purchasing office supplies or even process the employee payroll. Other duties include: maintaining database systems, producing financial reports, and overseeing audits and reviews. Depending on your experience with accounting, you could be seeing an hourly rate of $17 per hour and up.

Home Care Aide

If helping the elderly, ill, or disabled is up your alley, consider becoming a personal and home care aide. You’ll be dealing with patients that need help getting dressed or running errands for them. Other duties might include you helping them with housekeeping, companionship, meal preparation, and medical monitoring. A word of caution however, some positions require heavy lifting and extended periods of time on your feet.


It’s time to put those tools to work as an versatile handyman. Now, the options here are plentiful. You can run your own fix-it-up service, perform basic maintenance for another company or even create and supply your own product like a custom-made chair cushion for those that want a homemade touch.

Now, if you’re taking this route, you’ll want to avoid having the mindset that you’re running an empire that’s bound to take over the manufacturing world. Remember, you’re not competing with companies like The Foam Factory or other large-scale operations. Rather, you’re a part-time retiree that’s invested in working part-time while still enjoying the relaxation of bypassing the 9-5 work load.