What Kind of Re-Compensation Can You Expect From a Dental Malpractice Lawsuit?

A dental malpractice case can harm the victim in more ways than one. And sometimes the damage can even be irreparable. As a result, every serious victim of dental malpractice deserves full compensation.

Some dentists are willing to accept accountability for their mistakes by fixing the problem for free or returning the wages, but others refuse to even acknowledge it. If civilized negotiation doesn’t work out, then OC dental malpractice attorney Dane Levy believes that the matter should be taken to court.

Filing a lawsuit is not a simple matter, so you may be wary of overcomplicating things. However, the compensation you will receive will greatly help to reduce the damage. This includes:

Return of dental expenses: The amount of money you already gave to the dentist, which will never be a small amount, may come back into your hands if you win the lawsuit. After all, you didn’t get a solution to your problem; rather, the problem was made worse.

Future medical expenses coverage: The dentist’s mistake may require further treatment to fix the mistake. These additional medical expenses will also be covered by winning the lawsuit.

Free treatment: The lawsuit may also lead you to be referred to a better dentist for further treatment free of cost.

As you can see, a lawsuit can be extremely beneficial, especially if your medical bills have put you in a financial bind. However, as Dane Levy explains, this only applies if you win the lawsuit. And for that, you will need a strong and experienced attorney to back you up. If you’re in California, then you can contact Levy Law Firm‘s founder, dentist negligence injury attorney Dane Levy, for consultation.