The Importance of Hiring a Good Firm for Jury Selection Research

Every attorney representing a client in a trial wants the best jurors who are not unfairly biased towards a “guilty” verdict. The legal right to voir dire in the United States allows attorneys to examine potential jurors to ensure they give their clients a fair, unprejudiced verdict. Just as the legal system has evolved throughout the years, the methods for jury selection have become more advanced. Today, survey companies give attorneys the opportunity to conduct jury selection research using juror surveys and principles from social science.

Citizens serving jury duty who have observed a jury selection process from inside a courtroom might remember seeing the right to voir dire in action. Attorneys may question potential jurors on their attitudes and opinions on issues relevant to the case. The best attorneys are the ones who have prepared the most for this process. The law permits attorneys to survey potential jurors through methods such as telephone surveys.

With the help of a skilled and experienced survey company, attorneys can construct insightful juror surveys that determine juror characteristics such as background, values and beliefs, opinions about relevant issues, perceptions of the defendant and plaintiff, and tendencies while in court. Social scientists have observed which traits make jurors more likely to vote for a guilty or innocent verdict, so attorneys can use this knowledge combined with survey responses to make more informed decisions about which jurors to select.

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