5 Keys to a great small business marketing strategy

Article written by Internet school reviews

Confident small business owners survive in a competitive business world, due to a clear marketing strategy, which makes everything they do more effective. Here are the 5 keys to a great small business marketing strategy.

Who is your target customer? – Understand whom you serve, what they want, what they don’t want and their lifestyle. This will give you a good understanding on how you should market to your target market to increase sales and provide a better product or service.

In which category does your business exist? – This is a short description of your business. For example “Starbucks” offers “high-quality coffee”. Knowing your business description will help you market your product better and help your customers understand and remember what you offer.

What is your unique benefit? – What do you offer to your customers that are unique to what is available in the market? For example, a cake maker could offer unique custom made cakes to their customers.

Who is your real competition? – Knowing your competition will give you a good idea of how you should and shouldn’t market your product. Learning from your competition is important; as it will give you the advantage you need to stay ahead of the pack.

How are you clearly different from your competitors? – You should provide a product or service that is different from what is offered by your competition. This could be as simple as great customer care or a personalized product.