A guide to hiring marketing people

Hiring good marketing people is not easy. Often there are numerous candidates that send in their resumes for one position and to top it off the interviewer often does not come from a marketing background. Here are some easy tips to help you hire the right marketing people for your company.

Social media – Candidates for marketing positions should have a sizable Twitter, Facebook and Instagram followings. If you are looking at creating a company blog, check if the candidate has managed one of their own.

Frugality –You want a marketing team that spends money yet receives sufficient returns. Make sure you ask your candidates how they measure a marketing campaign and to provide examples of campaigns that have worked in the past.

Customer-lover – Startups are successful only if they maintain a strong relationship with their customers. Therefore marketing personnel should communicate to their target market and cater to their needs.

Flexibility – Startup marketing changes daily until the firm understands where it stands and how to engage and cater to their target market successfully. Marketing teams need to understand that sometimes they may tirelessly work on a campaign that may never reach their customers due to changes by the management.

Domain knowledge – Possessing previous knowledge about similar customers or the industry is a plus point.

Features – Customers may request for features, but the features should be easy to implement and should benefit all consumers. Ask your candidates what product features they have implemented through customer suggestions.